About us

Saint Servatius Treasury Foundation

The Saint Servatius Treasury Foundation aims to:
A. Maintain, manage, preserve, restore and enrich the art treasures owned by the parish of Saint Servatius and located in the Treasury or in the Basilica or in appurtenances of the Basilica;
B. Perform all further actions that are related to the above in the broadest sense or any actions that may improve it further.

Saint Servatius Treasury Foundation Board:

Chairman: J.J.H. Dautzenberg
Secretary: C. van Hilten
Treasurer: Mrs. M. Brans Brabant-Schiffer
Members: A.M. Koldeweij, J. Bollen, R. Geys
Staff members
Mrs. Pieternel Coenen, conservator
Ms Miriam Paloni, junior conservator
E: miriam.paloni@sintservaas.nl