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Since 1985 the church of Saint Servatius officially bears the title of ‘basilica minor’. It is listed as one of the 100 most important national monuments in the Netherlands.
The church was built above Servatius’ grave. Presumably, the current basilica is the fourth church to crown this sacred ground. The imposing three-aisled cross basilica, built largely in Romanesque style with coal sandstone and marl, is considered to be the oldest existing church in the Netherlands.

Centre of the city

As a pilgrimage church of the holy bishop Servatius, but also as parish church of the Roman Catholic Saint Servatius parish and deanery church of the city of Maastricht as well as being a national monument, the impressive basilica radiates faith and history in the centre of Maastricht.

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Feel free to step inside

Located in the well-known Vrijthof-square, the basilica and its parish have been receiving visitors for centuries. Everyone is welcome, pilgrims from all over the world and local citizens alike, tourists as well as special guests such as Charlemagne and King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima. The interior and exterior as well as the many services turn every visit into a blessing, rich in religion, tradition, history, architecture and a sense of community.
Feel free to step inside, take part in one of the services or admire the many treasures and stories hidden behind the doors of our basilica.