Holy Communion

The first Holy Communion is the second important phase in the Catholic tradition. For the first time, children consciously claim an independent place in our Christian community. We would like to be involved with you in preparing for this beautiful festive event in the church!


In preparation for the First Holy Communion, school children (grade 4) are taught topics such as baptism, prayer and the Eucharist by their teachers and the parish priests. In addition, the parish organizes extracurricular meetings for the children as well as several parents' evenings. Of course, we also expect parents to be involved in the preparation for the First Holy Communion and to educate their children in the faith. In the parish of Saint Servatius, the First Holy Communion traditionally takes place on Ascension Day.
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There is only one real condition: the child has to be baptized. Due to the link with the local church life, the parish of Saint Servatius prefers children to do First Holy Communion in their own parish. The Aloysius School and the Montessori School are part of the parish of Saint Servatius.

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