Anointing of the Sick

If someone is seriously ill, weakened by old age, or facing dangerous surgery, he / she can receive an anointing of the sick from our priests. This sacrament of the sick is one of hope, from which we can expect strength, comfort, relief and even healing.

What does it mean?

During an anointing of the sick, prayers are being said together, and the priest anoints the forehead and hands of the sick with sacred oil. God's closeness wants to invade the whole human being and bring salvation and healing, to soul and body.

Submission & Rest

If the believer is dying, one can pray for submission and rest, trusting that God is waiting in his fatherly and merciful love. Since sacraments are intended for the living, we advise not to wait with calling a priest until someone has died, as well as to let the sick person ask for the anointing of the sick (in time). Family, friends, the doctor or the nursing staff can help by making them aware of this possibility.

Priest guard duty

In the event of sudden death or when urgent anointing of the sick is required, you can call our parish priests. If the priest is absent, you can always contact the Envida nursing home, who will call a priest for you.
Pastor-Dean J. J.H (John) Dautzenberg

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Chaplain H. (Henyer) Garcia
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