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A parish is a certain community of religious people of whom the pastoral care is entrusted to a priest in the name of the bishop.
The main tasks of a parish consist of:

  • Liturgy
    The eulogy of God and the sanctification of the people by word and sacrament.
  • Catechism
    The preaching of the Word of God and the deepening of faith.
  • Church Social Welfare Work
    Rendering of services to the community and to the world around us.
The parish of the Church of Saint Servatius is part of the diocese of Roermond. As a Parish Church, the Church of Saint Servatius also serves the function of decany. This means that the function of Dean of Maastricht is connected to this church.

There are several decanies within a diocese which look after the pastoral care in the community of a certain area.

The parish of Saint Servatius is a town centre parish. With 3500 parishioners, it is considered to be relatively small. At the same time, this parish is difficult to define, because, from its rich history and lively religious community, it holds a great attraction for religious people in Maastricht and surrounding areas.

The clergymen look after the pastoral, catechist, and sacramental care in the parish and support groups that help them carry out this task. The priest of the parish has final responsibility.

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