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The church in scaffolding.
The complete restoration of the basilica from 1981 to 1993
The campaign of the restoration was prepared from 1976 to 1981 and actually took place from June 1981 to July 1993. The restoration was prepared and executed by the Foundation for Restoration of the Church of Saint Servatius. The restoration cost NLG 50,000,000 (nearly 23,000,000), an amount of which NLG 7,000,000 (nearly 3,200,000) had to be raised by the Foundation itself. The rest of the sum was raised by means of subsidies. Many private individuals contributed as well. A great sum was raised during the annually held 'Preuvenemint'. Now the job could be done.

The restoration was mainly of a preserving nature, except for the paintings of the interior. The interior has been completely transformed. The former paintings were in a bad technical state and could not be maintained. Below these paintings, the original medieval paintings appeared.

The conclusion of the restoration
by Mgr. F. Wiertz, bishop of Roermond.

The restoration was crowned with the 'Monumentenprijs' (the 'Monuments Award') of the city of Maastricht, consisting of the 'Victor de Stuerspenning' ('Victor de Stuersmedal'). The restoration was concluded by inaugurating the Saint Servatiusfountain in the quadrangle, dating from around 1600. The inauguration was carried out by the bishop of Roermond, Mgr. F. Wiertz, when he symbolically stirred his crosier in the basin. After all, didn't Sint Servatius himself use his crosier to beat water out of the ground near Biesland? The water of that well originally fed the Saint Servatius fountain. For Maastricht, an invaluable monument is saved - from both a religious, cultural, historical, and an emotional point of view. The church is back in all its original liturgical splendour and glory.

On May 14th 1985, H.H. Pope John Paul II visited the Church of Saint Servatius. During his visit, the pope elevated the Church to Basilica.