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The Basilica of Saint Servatius serves the function of a pilgrim's church. Every year during the week of Saint Servatius, the parishes of the decany of Maastricht visit the basilica of Saint Servatius. As a tradition, several parishes - home and abroad - annually visit the Saint's grave as well. In the Saint Servatius Chapel, a book of intentions can be found. Many tourists and parishioners use it to write down their thoughts, concerns, and questions.

Every Monday evening, following on the evening service, these intentions are taken to Saint Servatius' grave in a procession. The purpose of this custom is that Saint Servatius will be an intercessor for these people.

Pilgrimage is also closely connected to the seven-yearly 'Heiligdomsvaart' (The Showing of the Relics). The next 'Heiligdomsvaart' will take place from June 10th to June 20th 2004 and will have as its theme: 'We are time', based on the words of Church Father August (354-430).