The Shrine is currently on display in the transept of the basilica. On friday, the 6th of November, the Shrine was moved during a small procession.

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5-10-2020 CLOSED

The treasury is closed, but you can still visit our chapel and the basilica.

1-10-2020 COVID-19

On September 30th , the Dutch government urged citizens to wear face masks in public spaces.  The basic rules remain in effect and are essential to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus: if you have cold symptoms, stay home and get tested; stay 1.5 metres from others; avoid crowded places; and follow the hygiene measures. 
We also request that you leave your personal data upon arrival.
Other measures:
  1. Wash your hands  often with soap and water;
  2. Cough and sneeze into your elbow;
  3. Use paper tissues to blow your nose and discard them after use;
  4. Do not shake hands;
  5. Stay 1.5 metres (2 arms lengths) away from other people.